Teaching Calendar a.y. 2016/17

Information about the teaching calendar (lectures, laboratories, exams) of the School of Engineering and Architecture - Cesena Campus.

Lessons for the Engineering degrees in Cesena will follow the calendar below:

I period of lessons : from  22/09/2016 to 21/12/2016
II period of lessons : from 27/02/2017 to 09/06/2017
Lesson suspension for Easter holidays: from 29/03/2018 to 03/04/2018 included.

Examination period:

The examination session goes throughout the academic year.

For each course unit must professors must fix at least six exams per academic year outside the periods of lessons and the exams:

at least 2 must be fixed within the period immediately following the end of the lessons;
at least 1 must be fixed in any other examination period following the end of the lessons.

The School Chairman draws attention to the following rules concerning the exam scheduling:

- Avoid the overlapping of exams related to the teachings of the same academic year of the course - whenever possible;
- Avoid scheduling exams during the lesson period in order to allow all students to attend all classes until the end;
- Set the dates well in advance, checking the availability of the classroom through the Teaching Secretariat’s Office, before posting the exam date on AlmaEsami.