Teaching Secretariat

The teaching secretariat is responsible for giving students information and guidance about the School teaching activities, and it supports professors.

Services for students:

  • Giving guidance and counseling about regulations of study courses, admission tests, call for applications, recognition of credits and student career mapping in collaboration with the Student Administration Office;
  • Providing  assistance with filling out the paper study plans;
  • Providing  advice and support to students who intend to spend part of their study abroad;
  • Managing the Class Schedules online, programming and administration of the students survey about the quality of teaching activities;
  • Providing information and support about the curricular internship in collaboration with the Forlì Campus Internship and Placement Office;
  • Providing forms, course handouts and tests provided by professors;
  • Library services;
  • Collaborating with the disabled and dyslexic students service office of the university for students with special needs and specific learning difficulties.

 Services for professors

  • Booking teaching room, laboratories, Lecture Hall;
  • Monitoring the exam calendar;
  • Supporting the graduation sessions organization;
  • Managing teaching equipment in teaching rooms (video-projectors, overhead projectors, microphones, pc)
  • Inserting classes timetable and changes on the online application.