Student Administration Office - Ravenna

This is the students’ contact point throughout their university career for all bureaucratic and administrative matters.

The decentralised administrative Secretariat for the Ravenna Campus was the first to be set up in Romagna (dating from 1986). It handles everything to do with managing students enrolled on degree programmes being run at the Campus.

The Student Administrative Office provides the following services:

  • registration and enrolment;
  • information about study plans;
  • certificates (see also the service certificates on-line);
  • suspension from and withdrawal from studies, loss of student status;  
  • course switching and transfers;
  • requests to authorize a change of university Campus (from Bologna or Rimini to Ravenna) for the Nursing degree programme;
  • changing the place of teaching (Ravenna - Forlì - Cotignola) for the Nursing degree programme;
  • payment of university fees and certification that they have been paid;
  • diploma or graduation application; 
  • returning original school-leaving diplomas;
  • distributing graduation diplomas;
  • duplicate badges and diplomas.