Joint Teaching Committee

Each School has a Joint Committee of teachers and students chaired by the Dean. School Regulations prescribe how it shall be composed in order to represent teachers and researchers according to Campus and discipline and students according to degree programme and place of tuition.

The Committee has the job of setting assessment standards to monitor the programme catalogue, quality of tuition and student services. It gives its opinion on formulating, activating, changing and making cancellations to the Programme Catalogue.


Prof. Pier Paolo Diotallevi
Prof. Gino Malacarne
Prof. Antonio Peretto
Prof. Enrico Obrecht
Prof.ssa Maria Bignozzi
Dott.ssa Rita Stagni

Enrico Capotondi
Giulio Domeniconi
Anna Giunchi
Emanuele Massari
Lorena Qendro
Enrico Pio Troiano