Teaching laboratories - Engineering

Teaching laboratories are an aid to course work, whether on basic or advanced programmes. Students may use the laboratories both during lessons with a teacher or tutor, and outside lesson time by way of individual or group practice. Whether self-access or guided, learning in a laboratory is fundamental to Engineering students’ education.

Location and

associated building
EquipmentN°. places
Lele - Laboratorio di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni Via Venezia, 260


Fixed blackboard and overhead projector,
wired and wireless network,
mobile video projector,
student practice kits,
workstations with PC: 38, 20 being on the public web for ICT practice and 18 for the telecommunications network.
ICT stations take 1-3 persons. Telecommunications stations take one person alone.

VeLa - Laboratorio di Informatica di base Via Venezia, 52
(piano terra)


Audio system (speakers and microphone),
6 LCD televisions,
teacher’s notebook,
teacher’s network,
portable video projector,
ALMAWIFI coverage,
student table stations with network cable.

LIB - Laboratorio di Ingegneria Biomedica Via Venezia, 52
(primo piano)
Student cable,
computer stations,
ALMAWIFI coverage,
biomedical instruments,
network printer,
teacher PC,
teacher’s network,
video projector.
Lab 2 - Laboratorio 2 Via Sacchi, 3
(piano terra)


Student Internet connection,
1 teacher PC,
31 student PCs,
teacher’s network,
dais with ramp,
fixed video projector,
audio system,
multifunction photocopier.




The laboratory is equipped for the main workflows involving nucleic acids or protein sample preparation and analysis. The facility includes cell-culture and cell-imaging workstations.

Accomodates 4 students per worksession.