ICT teaching Laboratory - LAB6

ICT-appointed laboratory used to support teaching activities in Via Terracini.

There are 69 work stations.
Each one has a software packet installed and Windows Xp SP3 operative system.
The attachments box contains a list of the currently installed software.

You may ask for new software to be installed, before the beginning of every cycle of lessons, sending your request to:

The laboratory also has a video-projector system comprising three projectors and a sound system.

It seats 90 people.

Teaching activities:

Currently the laboratory is being used for lessons, exams and practicals for the degree programmes that use Via Terracini.

The lab may be booked from Monday to Friday from9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. using the e-mail address:

The state of lab bookings can be viewed on line from the following address: http://pling.ing.unibo.it

Access to laboratories:

To access equipment at the labs (lab2, lab3, lab4, lab6) and Internet room, all students enrolled on degree programmes under the School of Engineering and Architecture must create a new account, following the procedure and connecting to https://infoy.ing.unibo.it.


Teacher in charge:
Prof. Maurizio Fiorni

Technicians in charge:
Barbara Costantini
Antonio Gessi

For information, or to report a malfunction, contact the ICT Staff: