ICT Teaching Laboratory – LAB4

ICT laboratory for practicals and exams.

To complete its educational facilities, the School of Engineering and Architecture, Bologna Campus, provides an ICT-appointed teaching laboratory that can be used as an aid to lessons.

School of Engineering and Architecture, ground floor.


There are 120 on-line workstations. The lab is not activated for free use of the Internet. The workstations are equipped with dual boot so that one can work alternately with Windows or Linux. There is also a video projector by which teachers may project their lessons on 2 screens standing at either end of the room.

Opening hours and mode of use:
This is not an open-access laboratory.
It is only used for practicals and exams, and must be reserved by teachers that need it, sending an e-mail to:

Teachers can view the state of lab bookings and check their own on line.
Laboratory telephone number :


Technicians in charge of the laboratory :

Alessio ferretti

Luca Ghedini