ICT Laboratory

In the School ICT Room students may use many software packets relating to various learning areas.


Where is it?
The laboratory is on the ground floor of the teaching centre in via Fontanelle, N° 40.

This 145 m2 contains 28 Windows 7 Professional workstations.
These machines are equipped with numerous software packets enabling students to practise and develop various areas of teaching and science.

At the moment the following products are available:

  • Matlab, an interactive environment with an advanced technical calculation language for producing algorithms, graphic representation of data, data analysis and numerical calculations.
  • Simulink, for simulating and designing dynamic systems from models
  • LabView for acquisition and processing of data
  • MSC Nastran and Patran, for analysis of finite elements
  • Ansys,  for analysis of finite elements
  • Fluent, for studying thermo-fluid-dynamics a
  • Rhinoceros, for CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  • Solid Works for CAD (Computer Aided Design).

When lesson timetables permit, students may also use 5 workstations connected to the Internet.

The Room has sound amplification and video projectors.

The laboratory also contains a web photocopier-printer (prepaid card) and two workstations reserved for teaching staff, on one of which exams may be minuted electronically.

Teaching activities
Many course units on first-cycle and second-cycle Degree Programmes in Aeronautical and Space Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, taught at the Forlì Centre, use the laboratory for practicals.