Emergency plan

The safety policy of Bologna University states that an integral part of its own duties is to safeguard the lives and health of staff and users. These last are in turn bound by the present norms of behaviour and organization in the event of grave immediate danger, fire, accident and evacuation of places that have become unsafe.


In the event of grave danger, the constant aim of all persons within the university must be to bring staff and users to a place of safety.

Workplaces, access routes and the state of all service plant must be constantly checked and kept abreast of legal and technical norms and standards in the light of risk assessments and reports produced by the Prevention and Protection Service and other safety officers (Manager, Doctor in charge, Workers’ Safety Representative, etc.).

Any injured parties must be guaranteed first aid.

Management must take good care that the measures for achieving this objective are working and in place.

You may download the “Emergency and evacuation plan” alongside.