Forlì Campus

The Forlì Campus is divided into three building complexes.

Complex at N° 40, Via Fontanelle
This is the main hub of the Forlì Campus. It is formed of two buildings linked by a low-rise third one which contains the main entrance.

The west wing, inaugurated on 9th February 2000 in the presence of the President of the Republic, houses the Teaching Secretariat for the Aeronautical and Space Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering degree programmes, as well as 6 teaching rooms, all on the ground floor. On the first floor there are some teachers’ studies and the "Salvatore Scalas" main hall (Aula Magna).

The east wing was built at the beginning of the 20th century as the main waterworks for the first Forlì water main. It contains the ICT lecture room, the ICT laboratory reserved for those preparing second-cycle dissertations, studies for PhD students and teachers, and several research laboratories.

Complex at Nos 51-55, Via Fontanelle
At Nos 51 and 55, Via Fontanelle, occupying part of the ground floor premises of the "Francesco Baracca" State Technical and Aeronautical Institute, there are two teaching rooms, a design room and research laboratories.

Complex at N° 103, Via Seganti
Inside the Forlì airport area is a hangar containing various research laboratories, the Forlì headquarters of the "Ercole De Castro" (ARCES) Research Centre on Electronic Systems for ICT Engineering, and a few teacher studies.