Cesena Campus

The Cesena Campus divides into eight complexes.

The Via Cavalcavia, 61 complex
This is the main building, housing the Vice-Chairmanship offices, the Library and the Teaching Secretariat for the Single-cycle five-year degree programme in Architecture. It also contains three lecture rooms and spacious laboratories for course work. The remaining units are a Photography Laboratory, an Architecture Models Laboratory and an Architecture laboratory for Modelling and Digital Visualization.

The Viale Europa, 596 complex
This houses two lecture rooms and ample laboratories for teaching programmes on the single-cycle degree programme in Architecture. There is also a study room and the following labs: Architecture and Town Relief, Structural diagnostics, Cartography, and ICT & CAD.

The Viale Europa, 980 complex
This is the headquarters for the Architecture and Building Process Degree Programme. It contains Teaching Secretariat offices for the Degree Programme and two lecture rooms and two drawing laboratories for teaching purposes. It also has an ICT & CAD Lab.

The Via Genova, 181 complex
The building contains two large teaching rooms, the teaching secretariat for Engineering degree programmes, the library, a reading room and certain teachers’ studies.

The complex in Via Rasi e Spinelli, 176
Four teaching rooms are housed in via Rasi e Spinelli.

The Via Venezia, 52 complex
One of the Campus’ main buildings, which houses the basic ICT Laboratory, the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory and other teaching and research labs, the Cesena DEI Secretariat and some teachers’ studies.

The Via Venezia, 260 complex
This houses the Electronics & Telecommunications Laboratory, with two supporting lecture rooms and other teaching and research labs.

The Via Sacchi, 3 complex
This is the headquarters for the Second-Cycle Degree Programme in Engineering and ICT Science.