The School

As of a.y. 2012/2013, the Bologna University School of Engineering and Architecture coordinates teaching of degree programmes under it, activated at the proposal of the Departments.

Attention, please: The Alma Mater’s teaching structure and services are being reorganized. Information on the contact offices is already available on the website of your Degree programme.

Getting to know the School
As part of the reorganization of Bologna University approved in 2012, the School of Engineering and Architecture has formed out of three previous Faculties: Bologna’s Engineering Faculty, the Second Faculty of Engineering at Forlì, and the Cesena “Aldo Rossi” Faculty of Architecture. The multiple experience and knowledge accrued by these different places of origin now converge in one new School.
Governing bodies
The School of Engineering and Architecture is divided into several Campuses.
Full details of the offices of the School of Engineering and Architecture.
Service facilities
The School’s chief resources are its teaching rooms, ICT laboratories and libraries.