Training and professional guidance internship – Cesena Campus– Engineering degree programmes

This consists in practical experience with University-aligned external organizations.

What is a training and professional guidance internship?

The training and professional guidance internship is an option open to those who have graduated within the last twelve months from a first- or second-cycle degree programme (including those of the old system). The aim is to give the graduate direct experience of the world of work; the maximum duration is 6 months, inclusive of any extensions.

Applying to activate a training and professional guidance internship

Graduates must access the on-line service entering their own university username and password.
From the home page they will view:

  • The list of proposed curriculum internships on offer with aligned organizations.
    On finding a proposal that interests them, students may present an application following the relevant procedure;
  • List of aligned host-organizations.
    Students should contact the organization that interests them and check that it really is prepared to have them as a trainee. Following this, they may apply, following the relevant channels.

After carrying out the above on-line procedure, it is in any case obligatory to hand in a properly compiled and signed training and professional guidance project to the Service for Internships and International Relations. This must be delivered in a single original copy at least 15 days before the start-date to the internship.

The trainee may only begin work once he/she is sure the on-line procedure has been concluded (three green traffic lights).

Finishing early or extending the internship

If, in agreement with the host-organization and the academic tutor, the trainee wishes to finish early or to extend the internship, he/she must inform the Service for Internships and International Relations at least one week before beginning the extension or stopping work. This notice must be in writing by e-mail to the Service for Internships and International Relations ( cc the host-organization contact person and the academic tutor.