Dissertation-related internship – Cesena Campus - Engineering

In the light of the new requirements of Law 138/2011, the Academic Senate met on 11th October 2011 and resolved to extend the degree programme rules so that students who so wish might experience a curriculum internship with a company and in that way prepare for their final exam/dissertation.

Who the dissertation-related internship is for

This kind of internship is designed for all third-year students on all degree programmes and those in the second year of second-cycle degree courses/two-year Masters.

The internship may last up to 3 months for those taking a first-cycle degree, and 6 months in the case of the second-cycle degree/specialistica.

The internship must be finished by the deadline set by the School for handing the Student Administration Office the documentation needed for admission to the final exam, which is normally 20 days before the date of graduation.

This kind of internship is not included in the study plan and does not confer credits.

How to activate a dissertation-related internship

The undergraduate must pick a host-organization and check with the Service for Internships and International Relations or the on-line University internship software whether that organization has entered an agreement with the University.

He/she must arrange the project and the timetable of attendance with the host-organization contact person, and with the dissertation Supervisor.

In presenting the internship application, the student candidate and host-organization contact person must go through the special on-line procedure.

The student candidate, host-organization contact person and the Supervisor/academic tutor must also draw up a hard-copy version of the training and professional guidance project, the original of which must be delivered to the Service for Internships and International Relations.

That Service will accept applications (on-line procedure and hard-copy training project) if presented by the 10th day of any month, and will submit them to that month’s Internship Committee. Late applications will go before the next month’s Internship Committee.

Approval of a dissertation-related internship

Applications (on-line procedure and hard-copy training project) will go before the relevant Internship Committee for the go-ahead. Students are reminded that once they have obtained the Committee’s approval they must go to the Service for Internships and International Relations and collect the attendance-book, which is indispensable for commencing an internship.

If unable to collect the attendance-book, the student candidate may apply to the poloce.tirocini@unibo.it service to be sent it by e-mail.

During the internship

During the internship the students are to keep in touch with their Supervisor/Academic Tutor, whose advice they may seek over difficulties. The trainee student must record his/her daily workload in the attendance-book, which must be handed back to the Service for Internships and International Relations at the end, at least one week prior to the graduation date.