Curricular internship and dissertation-related internships – Forlì Campus

The curricular internship is designed for students who need or want to spend a period of vocational training. To do this, with an organization aligned by agreement with the University or in one of the University labs, students must be authorized by their degree programme Internship Committee.

Starting from November 7, 2017, students who intend to take part in a curriculum internship, either by choice or because they are bound by their study plan, are invited to read the Vademecum in the "Attachments" section that contains all the instructions for the on-line activation of the internship.

The internship must be carried out in companies or institutions that have an agreement with the University (external internship) or in the facilities of the University of Bologna (internal internship).

To verify companies and internship offers you must log in the Internship Online Platform.

If the host company does not have an agreement with the University of Bologna, a new agreement must be signed; please visit .

Insurance coverage

The University of Bologna guarantees the insurance coverage of the trainee against accidents at work, as well as for civil liability, with insurance companies operating in the Sector.

The insurance policies currently operating are as follows:

  • Student Injury Policy: AIG no. IAH0008528 - Expiration 28/02/2019.
  • RCT-O Policy (liability for third parties): UNIPOLSAI nr. 65/745444524 - Expiration 28/02/2019. 


Recognition of work activity in lieu of an internship - Forli' courses

Work activities can be recognized instead of the internship activity if: considered congruent with the internship objectives of the study program undertaken; it is certified according to current legislation; it meets the requirements of the recommendations of the Degrees Councils of the Courses in Forlì.

For all the details, read the attached Vademecum.