Curricular Internship – Cesena Campus – Engineering degree programmes

The curricular internship is designed for students who need or want to spend a period of vocational training. To do this, with an organization aligned by agreement with the University, students must be authorized by their degree programme Internship Committee.

Who is the curricular internship designed for?

The curricular internship is designed for third-year students on all degree programmes, and for second-year students on the second-cycle degree in Biomedical Engineering. The internship entails 150 - 200 hours’ work and carries 6 credits, conditional on passing the final exam. Students are recommended to read all the present information carefully.

How to apply for activation of a curriculum internship

A) Internships with University-aligned organizations

Students should access the on-line service entering their university username and password.
From the home page they may view:

  • The list of proposed curricular internships on offer with aligned organizations.
    On finding a proposal that interests them, students may present an application following the relevant procedure;
  • List of aligned host-organizations.
    Students should contact the organization that interests them and check that it really is prepared to have them as a trainee. Following this, they may apply, following the relevant channels.

B) Internships internal to the University

If a student wishes to do an internship at a School or university Department laboratory, he/she must arrange with a member of the School teaching staff and apply in writing to the Service for Internships and International Relations, using a form downloaded from the Attachments box.

Application to activate a curriculum internship – on-line procedure (A) or hard copy form (B) – may only be made when the host-organization and the academic tutor have agreed to all the features of the curricular internship (where, period, length, work schedule).

The Service for Internships and International Relations will accept applications made by the tenth day of each month and submit them to that month’s Internship Committee. Applications arriving later than that date will go before the next month’s Committee.

Approval for an internship

Applications will go before the relevant Internship Committee for its go-ahead. Students are reminded that, once the Internship Committee has approved, they must go to the Service for Internships and International Relations to collect the attendance-book, which is indispensable for starting the internship.

During the internship

During their internship students are to keep in touch with their academic tutor, whose advice they may seek over difficulties. The trainee student must record his/her daily workload in the attendance-book (countersigned by the host-organization contact person), and draw up a written report on the work done.

What to do at the end of an internship

The student’s report must be handed to the tutor, together with the attendance-book, filled out, stamped, countersigned and containing a written assessment by the company contact person. The academic tutor must enter his/her assessment on the last page of the attendance-book.

The student must then check the date fixed for the internship exam (shown on the exam calendar), enrol via uniwex, and take with him/her to the exam:

  • The short internship report
  • Attendance-book, complete with academic tutor’s assessment
  • Written assessment by company contact person
  • University exam booklet.

If successful in the exam, the student will receive (as per the degree programme rules) either a grade out of 30 or simple accreditation, plus the 6 educational credits assigned by the teaching plan.