Curricular internship & Dissertation-related internship - Bologna Campus

A Curricular internship is a learning experience envisaged in the course structure diagram of the degree programme as part of the University education. The internship provides practical experience in structures within or external to the University of Bologna, enabling students to obtain the University educational credits envisaged in their study plans and skills relevant to their learning paths.

A Curricular internship for dissertation purposes is a curricula internship carried out for the purpose of preparing the final report or dissertation, based on a plan agreed with the Supervisor/Academic Tutor.

- Students enrolled prior to the 2016/17 academic year can arrange to carry out an internship for dissertation purposes, even if not formally contemplated in their degree programme.

- Students enrolled from the 2016/2017 academic year onwards can only arrange to carry out a curricula internship for dissertation purposes if it is formally contemplated in their degree programme.


All internships must be carried out on the basis of an internship agreement signed between the University of Bologna and the Host Organisation (company, public body, professional firm, etc.) and an internship programme signed by the parties concerned (Student, Academic Tutor and Host Organisation Contact Person).

The internship:

- can only be arranged if envisaged in the course structure diagram of the degree programme on which the student is enrolled;

- if optional, must be included in the study plan by the student before arrangement is requested; 

- has a duration of min. 25 hours/max. 30 hours for each University educational credit attributed to it in the course structure diagram of the degree programme, without prejudice to any different national or European regulations; 

- must be completed, at the latest, within 12 months of the start date; 

- cannot be carried out at a structure whose legal representative, partner/member or senior executive is closely related, by blood or marriage or equivalent (second degree or closer), to the student concerned.

The inclusion of an internship in the study plan does not result in its direct assignment by the University. Students interested in carrying out an internship must take action in good time to find a willing host.

The Internship Board of the degree programme is responsible for assessing the proposed internship and authorising the activities to be carried out. The Internship Office liaises with this Board.

The internship cannot be started until it has been approved by the Internship Board and the student has downloaded the attendance register.  

The rules governing internships do not apply to other activities carried out in order to complete a course unit and/or the final exam that, by contrast, involve occasional attendance not on a continuous basis. 

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