Final Examination – Cesena Campus – Engineering degree programmes

Deadlines and presentation procedure for graduation applications on Degree Programmes and second-cycle degree (specialistica) programmes in Engineering at the Cesena Campus.

Students must present their graduation application via the Studenti Online service bearing in mind the following deadlines:

  • 15 May to graduate in the first exam period I (June and July)
  • 15 September to graduate in the second exam period (October and December)
  • 15 December or 15January to graduate in the third exam period (January and March)

They must also adhere to the "Instructions and deadlines" published on specific pages of the degree programme websites which also show all further requirements for admission to the final exam.

In general, a few days before the final discussion a trial run of the dissertation presentation may be held in a lecture room at a time arranged with the Teaching Secretariat.