Degree Programme tutors

Degree Programme tutors are a useful reference point for students in their relations with teaching staff and generally in organizing their own studies.


Tutors act as an interface between the student and the Degree Programme. They provide a concrete point of reference for teaching issues, finding out information, collecting feedback on critical points and generally fielding students’ requests about logistics, organization and other issues.

The tutor is also there to provide personalized support with learning. This is especially useful in keeping tabs on students who for various reasons (e.g. having a job) may find it difficult to meet exam requirements or to plan their studies and careers.

To learn about contacts and office hours/whereabouts, look on the page in the Degree Programme (Corso di Studio) website.


A.Y. 2016/17- Bologna and Ravenna


 Degree programme



Advanced Design

Ludovica Rosato     


Industrial Design

Flavio Callegati   

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Arianna Poli

Civil Engineering (ENG)

Alice Donferri Mitelli

Civil Engineering L

Federico Accomando  


Civil Engineering (LM)

 Cristian Poliziani

Automation Engineering (L)

 Caterina   Neri


Automation Engineering (LM)

Maria Pappalardo

Electrical Energy Engineering (L)

Caterina Malandri

Electrical Energy Engineering (LM)

Antonio Benedetto Malara

Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

Davide Borsatti

Electronic Engineering [LM]

Luigi Marzio

Telecommunications Engineering [LM]

Bahare Masood Khorsandi

Energy Engineering (L)

Mara Magni

Energy Engineering (LM)

Simone Vincenzo Suraci


Engineering Management (L)

Pasquale Draicchio

Elisa Ciaccheri


Engineering Management (LM)

Giulia Baruffaldi

Computer Engineering (L)

Andrea Degiorgis


Computer Engineering (LM)

Andrea Pagliarani


Mechanical Engineering (L)

Giovanni Pucci 

Mechanical Engineering (LM)

Francesco Osti 

Environmental Engineering (L)

Andrea Canali


Environmental Engineering (LM)

Isabella Marinaro

Architecture and Building Engineering [LMCU]

Benedetta Allegrini

Building Engineering (L)

Enrico Rontini


Building and Urban Systems [LM]

Edoardo Randi

Tutor Vice-Chairmanship - Teaching Office

Alessandro Tufano


A.Y. 2016/17 - Cesena and Forlì

Degree programmetutorE-mail
Aerospace Engineering

Gabriele Caselli


Mechanical Engineering

Andrea Togni

Electronics Engineering for Energy and Information

Enrico Testi


Biomedical Engineering

Antonio Mellea

Architecture [LMCU]

Giorgia Ferretti

Ruggiero Scommegna

Computer Science and Engineering [LM]

Stefano Mazzocchetti