Complying with OFA (Additional Learning Requirements)

Details of how OFA must be complied with.

One of the primary objectives of the current university system is to get students through their university careers on schedule with their official duration. The aim is obviously to get graduates practising a profession as soon as possible and not be penalised by entering the labour market late. To achieve this goal, enrolment at First and Single-cycle Degree Programmes requires certain basic knowledge, and rules are made to allow students to recover any deficit in basic subjects within the first year of their Degree Programme.

What is OFA?

OFA stands for “Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi”, Additional Learning Requirements. These are learning activities required to those students who have been admitted to the first year of a first-cycle degree (Bachelor) or single-cycle degree programme, but did not reach the minimum score in the admission test (TOLC), as established in the Call for Applications of each Degree Programme. These students are asked to carry out some additional learning activities and subsequently pass a test, to check that their learning deficiencies have been effectively recovered. Each degree programme has its own procedures for complying with the OFA. For details see your Degree Programme website.

A student who has been assigned an OFA is not prevented from attending lessons and taking the exams for the first year of the programme, but the OFA must be fulfilled within the first year of the course, otherwise the student must repeat the first year.

What does it mean to repeat the first year of a degree programme?

It means that it is only possible to take the exams included in the study plan of the first year of the degree programme and to try to fulfil the OFA in time to be able to enrol for the second year in the following academic year. If you repeat the first year, you are not allowed to attend lessons, nor take exams of the second year.

As far as the loss of student status is concerned, the repeated year is considered the same as a “fuori corso” year.

When is the deadline for complying with the OFA?

Currently the deadline for complying with the OFA is March 31 of each year. This coincides with the final date of the exam session of the academic year of enrolment (e.g. by March 31, 2019 for OFA assigned to students enrolled in the 2017/2018 Academic Year).

For further information check the website of your Degree Programme and the FAQs on Additional Learning Requirements (OFA).