Complying with OFAs (Additional Learning Requirements)

Details of how OFAs must be complied with.

What are OFAs?
One of the primary objectives of the current university system is to get students through their university careers on schedule with their official duration. The aim is obviously to get graduates practising a profession as soon as possible and not be penalised vis-à-vis other European graduates by entering the labour market late. To achieve this goal the rules make sure that university students do not have any pronounced deficits (known as additional learning requirements) in subjects that must be thoroughly grasped if one is to profit from a particular degree programme.

Academic Year 2014/15
To register on degree programmes and single-cycle five-year programmes at the School of Engineering and Architecture one has to sit an admission test (TOLC) and achieve a certain ranking. Admission test also serve as a test of knowledge so that students who score worse in such tests than is prescribed by the Call for Applications will be asked to do supplementary study, known by the Italian acronym OFA, which stands for Additional Learning Requirement. They will be tested on this to make sure that the learning deficiency has been made good. Having been set an OFA does not in itself prevent one from attending lessons and taking the exams for the first year of the programme.

For details consult your Degree Programme website.